Divine Pine Gathering

JUNE 14-16 2019 ~ Irish Hills, MI

partner yoga

Phil and Abby Dawson facilitate a soulful, connecting partner yoga practice. Building trust, supporting one another, and synching breath during a series of asanas and meditations, this practice leaves you with a deeper connection to your partner and yourself. Little yoga experience is necessary, making it a perfect class for a spouse, date, friend, or family member.


Abby Dawson is a visionary and passion-pursuer. As a yoga teacher, multidisciplinary artist, traveler, DanceMT Facilitator, and earth lover, she thrives on bringing creativity into all facets of life, forming deep community connections, and spreading self-empowerment. Approaching alignment in a heart-centered way, she teaches yoga to many populations including PWID (people with intellectual disabilities), those who require significant modifications, and beginner to advanced yogis alike. She is also a student of Reiki, sound healing, Native American teachings, plant based nutrition, and meditation.

Striving to find joy and love in every present moment, Phil Dawson Jr. has a passion for living life to the fullest and encouraging others to do the same. He is a student of many teachings including Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, meditation, as well as Native American and shamanic practices.  With these teachings, Phil uses his knowledge as a tool to bring people together for an intentional, heart centered experience. In his personal practice and in teaching yoga, Phil finds fulfillment when focusing on the five elements of the universe, feeling subtle energy, and engaging in various pranayama techniques.

Movement is Medicine

From detroit yogi Sitara Bird: We will move confidently together through the flow of practice, exploring energetic and physical alignment concepts that will act as an anchor to expand our awareness. We will weave together what is seen and invite in what is unseen accompanied by live music from TalaMukti.


Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Are you new to yoga, paddle boards, or both? Have no fear! This is an all-level, no pressure class meant for everyone from beginner to advanced. SUP Yoga is an experience like no other that connects water, body, and heart. It forces you to stay completely present, but is also fun to fall in! Moving with the water and your board helps to let go of resistance and makes for a magical experience. Don't forget your sunblock! 

SweetWater Yoga teaches Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga classes weekly at Clark Lake and in other locations throughout Michigan and Ohio. They are in their fourth season of business and provide accessabile, safe, and engaging classes for all levels. Sally Lyons, owner and teacher, is certified through The Stoked Yogi for paddleboard yoga and paddle classes, and is also a RYT 200. 

Mind, Meditation and Manifestion…Living in the Golden Stream


Creation is a unique blending of the sublime and intangible, the known and the unknown…Through Kundalini Yoga we work with the subtle strata of life in a way that brings about prosperity, happiness and well-being… Through this class we will discover new ways to summon the forces of nature, mind and spirit that bring about an inspired and fulfilled destiny.

S.S. Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, D.C. has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for the past 40+ years nationally and internationally in places such as Peru, Turkey, India, Canada, France, Mexico, Egypt, Belgium and more…He co-founded the The Khalsa Healing Arts and Yoga center which combines Chiropractic, Nutritional counseling, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Kundalini yoga and Meditation and healing teachings from around the world.  He leads regular journeys to India combining yoga, meditation and self-discovery.


Energy, Creativity, Prosperity: In this Kundalini Yoga class we will energize our system, tap into our creativity, and be prosperous.  “Prosperity is all around you and within you.  It is the ability to find, organize and use the resources you need to fulfill your highest destiny and identity. If you turn toward the light you will be warmed and filled with energy.”- Yogi Bhajan.  Through breath (pranayam), postures, sets (kriya), sound (mantra and gong), and meditation, you will experience your neutral mind and discover “the art to sense the whispers of your inner direction.

As a yoga practitioner since 1996, Lisa Barley’s (aka Chand Kaur’s) philosophy can be summarized by the following Yogi Bhajan quote: “Life is meant to be absolutely a fountain of spirit from which you can drink your own peace, and understand and feel your own grace, and can understand the you within you”. Chand Kaur received her Level I Kundalini Teacher Training Certification (200 hours) in May 2008 from the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association (IKYTA).Chand Kaur currently teaches Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan® at Unified Massage and Healing Arts/Aquarian Block Party, LLC in Tecumseh, Michigan.


Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways. Come learn the benefits of the body’s rest & digest response, while diving deep into the parasympathetic nervous system. Release old habits & create a new way of thinking, by essentially rewiring your brain. Come chill in supported, restorative postures & explore slow, mindful movement, pranayama & meditation. Turn on the body's "relaxation response", sleep better, release stress & ease sore muscles, for all levels

Jenn’s been teaching yoga for 18 years and has shared Organic Flow Yoga & Permission to Chill at studios, resorts & festivals across the US. An experienced certified yoga teacher, she has trained with a variety of master teachers in the traditions of Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, and SmartFLOW. Drawing from each style, she teaches an intuitive, organic flow that’s rooted in mindfulness, traditional postures, fluid movement and core strengthening. Live music has been a long time featured element in Jenn’s classes & she’s grateful to have collaborated with several talented musicians, artists & friends. Currently she teaches yoga and meditation throughout the city of Las Vegas & is honored to support students of all levels on their journey towards fitness, recovery, health & wellness. 

kids yoga + mindful meditation

Beth Flumignan is a mother, artist and yoga instructor at Way of Life studio for all ages. As an adult imagine how your life would have been different if you practiced from childhood. With the craziness of the world we live in children need yoga more than ever. A certified 200 RYT yoga teacher and a trained Childlight Yoga teacher, Beth draws from her own inner child to help you and your children connect with yours.


Grace Toth is a mother, traditional naturopath, and owner/operator at Third Coast Herbal Collective. She is passionate about using local plant medicine for healing, as well as growing native medicinal plants. She will be offering a plant identification walk and holding space for an open discussion on mindful wildcrafting. Third Coast Herbal Collective will also be sponsoring an "Elixir Bar" showcasing locally source plant magic via delectable drinks.


Cody Westendorf, owner of Otherworldly Botanicals, has been fascinated with plants from a young age. She is trained in western herbalism through the Gaia Center for Herbal Studies (Ann Arbor, MI). A kitchen witch and fermentation fanatic, most of her time is taken up with mushroom hunting, woods walking, and her deep love of kitchen experimentation- although three little budding herbalist girls take up some time too!

Edible + medicinal mushrooms

Farmers-turned-foragers, Forrest and Linnea are passionate about food and using it as a basis of a healthy lifestyle. Between the two of them, they have studied herbalism, nutrition, massage,  farming and homesteading, and Michigan plant + fungi identification and strive to incorporate nature-connectedness into every aspect of their lives. They will be offering a workshop on identification and usage of several edible and medicinal mushrooms, showing habitat where some of the species may be found, ending with a Q&A/discussion time and a few mushroom dishes to taste!

The Erotic of permaculture


Is hedonism purposeful? Are you living the life you desire? Join us in a collaborative discussion about the creativity of the erotic as it relates to establishing legacies of permanent agricultural communities, permaculture. Transform your environment and transform yourself.

Ryan and Amber are the founders of Moon Mtn, an off the grid homestead in the Huron Mountains. Our experiences include urban permaculture, community supported agriculture, nonprofit management, and wild foraging. Beorn is our trusty forest companion and we spend most of our days together treading lightly in the range. We strive to encourage others to find peace by connecting with the wisdom of nature.

cacao ceremony


Carrie Collins (Aka Luna) is a Channel of Divine Light and Love. Luna feels called to help others awaken to their true potential and reunite with their primal nature through yoga, dance, song and ceremony. A long-time student of yoga, dance, healing arts, Native American and Shamanic teachings, Luna has combined her many passions to offer a Sacred Journey of remembrance for all who feel called to the path. 

Luna offers Primal Fusion Flow yoga classes, Transformational Workshops, Dance Meditation Technique, and Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Trainings at OneTribe Yoga in beautiful Brooklyn, Michigan and soon in other sacred and inspiring destinations worldwide. Luna's favorite mantra is "may all beings be happy and free". She is making it her life's work to spread happiness and freedom far and wide with the offerings and gifts of OneTribe.


Lose 100lbs of emotional weight in 90 minutes at DMT, the most transformative and beautiful whole being workout on earth. Love to dance or scared to dance? This is for you. Love to meditate or want to know about meditation? This is for you. Want to lose 100lbs of emotional weight in 90 minutes? This is for you. Visit dancemt.com to learn more and for testimonials.

Michael Patrick Peters is the creator of Dance Meditation Technique, a father, green business entrepreneur of 15 years building and designing gardens, transformational events, apparel, branding and innovative business concepts. He is also an artist, musician and poet. The ancient principles of Wise Living taught through this unique and modernized platform that he calls DMT has come from the very practices that helped transform his life, free him from medications, birth a profound creativity, and find meaning again. It is a tremendous honor to share them with you and he hope's even a single practice can bring you great relief, release, insight and meaning to your life.


Transformation of sounds encourages an excursion into the hinterlands of each listeners memory and imagination. I create a landscape where you can trek at will, and pursue the pathways of your own instinct; re-writing your own story, and perhaps even bumping into another yourself along the way. My music is a creation story: the one we are currently making in our bright present, and our potent future. It listens to intuitive intelligence beyond what is known, and sings from ancient cosmology. It is music about the coming-of-age of our planet, and a growing consciousness that resonates inward to each individual at whatever stage along their path towards greater cohesion of past, present and future. It reverberates outward towards our universe where all entangles, bathed in resonant energy and nourished by harmonic convergence.

About Paul Rudy: As a composer, my music moves broadly from free improvisation and film scoring, to chamber and orchestral, to sonic alchemy and healing. I facilitate improvisation, sound healing and meditation, and playing with music and sound in all its meanings, and for 20 years have been helping young people find their unique and individual musical voice. I am Curators’ Professor of composition at the University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory. In 1994 I completed the Colorado Grand Slam after climbing all 54 of Colorado's 14,000 ft peaks. Visit www.paulrudy.net to learn more about what I do.

Indigo Shibori Dyeing

Learn the ancient Japanese practice of fabric dyeing with resists. In this workshop, students will learn some of the different techniques used to create patterns on fabric - clamping, folding, & binding. Garments will be hand dyed in indigo vats with an open discussion of the process of natural and synthetic indigo dyeing and other sustainable dyeing methods. ** Please bring your own garment for dyeing - must be a cellulose fiber (cotton, rayon, modal, hemp, bamboo, silk). **

Justine Nicole Melville is a self taught fabric dyer and multidisciplinary artist based out of Jackson, MI. She finds joy in working with her hands and experimenting with different techniques to continue to evolve her creative processes while also working towards a more sustainable craft. An avid collaborator, Justine found her roots in her local art community and has found a passion in helping others find their own positive self-expression through the arts and yoga. Justine teaches classes on fabric dyeing techniques at Essa Arts in Jackson and is currently completing her 500hr RYT through Hilltop Yoga in Lansing.

The Nature of the Universe and our Evolving Place in it

Discover some of the deeper truths of the universe including the science of how we are all one and the holographic nature of the universe, the 7 layers or octaves of separation from source, the other beings that have been kept outside our awareness, the dawning of the Aquarian era, and how to align yourself for ascension.  

Joseph is a man of science and spirituality, building a bridge between the worlds.  He has been studying and living natural health since the turn of the century, but more recently his studies have focused on stepping beyond the edge of what we are aloud to know and what we are capable of understanding.  He is writing a book called "Owners Manual for the Human Bio-Machine - A Guide to the Earth Experience" and is very close to achieving his title as a board certified Naturopathic Doctor.  Joseph loves to design and build as beautifully illustrated in his Sacred Geome-tree House which is now a popular Airbnb destination.  Also in Costa Rica he's created (with the help of 2 amazing individuals) a successful yoga retreat and teacher training center called Anamaya Resort and an organic farm permaculture center called Rancho Delicioso.  His passion for knowledge and awareness comes through is his epic workshops.     


In this Learn-shop we will discuss the Understanding of and respect for ceremony as a key to our well-being as human-Beings by incorporating the principles of wholeness, integration, respect for the spiritual and natural world, and balance for it; Sometimes known as the “Seven Grand-father Teachings” and by understanding the moving rhythm of the Sacred Heart Beat. It is through participation in our ceremonies that we connect with each other and with all that the Creator has granted. Through this sharing one becomes part of it and experiences something for which there are no words. A "raising" or expansion of individual consciousness naturally accompanies this process.

Panoka Walker is of mixed Anishinabe decent from the Deer Clan, her traditional name is Waabiskaa Waa waash keshi, White Doe. Panoka strongly identifies with her Indian roots as a traditional storyteller, song carrier, hand drum maker, and traditional crafts women. Encouraged by her elders after years of apprenticeship inside the sacred circle of life, Panoka is a facilitator of women's ceremonies. She also teaches workshops and group presentations to adults and youths. Panoka is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters who are brought up in the traditional way. Along with her husband Deer Walker and daughters, she makes her home in Monroe, Michigan.

The Philosophy of Healing & Living


Lauren Tatarchuk is the Katniss Everdeen of the Heal-Yourself Revolution. She is a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Biofeedback/Bioresonance Specialist, Creator, Thought-Leader, Wellness Warrior, Storyteller & Health Educator. She has been on a journey over the last three years, using herself as a guinea-pig-science-experiment to heal herself from chronic and autoimmune conditions. She is here as an empowerment catalyst to move the masses from being the victims to the ones in charge and remind us that we can heal anything, but it has to come from the individual, from the inside out.

Healing is far more than the physical body – it encompasses our emotional, mental and spiritual state as well as our attitudes and perceptions about life. This workshop will fuse together proven life-success strategies with what Lauren has learned on her journey from chronic dis-ease to conscious bliss & healing herself naturally from crippling conditions.

Empowered Goddess Healing & Divination Circle

Empowered Goddess Healing & Divination Circle is a talking-stick style sharing event where we gather in sacred space to be heard and supported by one another with a little assistance from the Divine Feminine. Together we cast a sacred circle, draw oracle messages from the feminine bodhisattva of compassion Kuan Yin, and take turns sharing our thoughts and intentions while receiving the support of the group. We close with a group energy healing meditation to empower the divine goddess in each of us.

Audra Aditi is an Indianapolis-based yoga teacher & energy healer. In addition to yoga classes & private sessions, she enjoys leading women's circles, singing kirtan, and creating healing jewelry and art. Her group classes weave together classical yoga therapy, Reiki energy healing and visualization, oracle divination, and channeling the Divine Feminine for the benefit of all beings.

Years of spiritual practice have taken her through a deep awakening process in which she discovered healing gifts for herself and others. She has journeyed all over the world seeking teachings to help deepen into her skills as a leader and healer. Her greatest act of service is to live her life as an example of authentic spiritual expression in abundant freedom and joy.

Flow arts + fire spinning


Bonzai, Bonny Fantrazzo has been fire-dancing since 2007. Specializing in Poi, fire-fans, staff, double staff, and hula hoop. Loves group choreography. Offering a flow arts workshop with poi and a night time performance.


Lisa Viger is a vegan artist, photographer, author of Easy Affordable Raw, gardener, and food blogger. She loves all the animals who share this beautiful planet, and enjoys showing others that a healthy vegan/raw lifestyle can be economical, simple, fun, and delicious, too. She will lead a raw food discussion followed by the making of a chakra themed salad with colors/ fruits/veggies to be shared. 


The resonance of the gong is one of the only known instruments that has the power to penetrate our nervous system, creating shifts in consciousness, and clearing physical and emotional blockages in the system.  In this gong meditation, you won’t just hear the gong; you’ll feel it, as it guides you into a meditative state of calm, creating a sonic purification of the subconscious mind, and a time to deeply relax returning yourself to a natural state of peace. Valerie Weir will be joining Lisa Barley's with her 7 planetary gongs for this meditation. 

As a yoga practitioner since 1996, Lisa Barley’s (aka Chand Kaur’s) philosophy can be summarized by the following Yogi Bhajan quote: “Life is meant to be absolutely a fountain of spirit from which you can drink your own peace, and understand and feel your own grace, and can understand the you within you”. Chand Kaur received her Level I Kundalini Teacher Training Certification (200 hours) in May 2008 from the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association (IKYTA).Chand Kaur currently teaches Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan® at Unified Massage and Healing Arts/Aquarian Block Party, LLC in Tecumseh, Michigan


Join Jeremy Caryl and Tyler Dawson in the balance sport of slacklining. Over the weekend we will have 10 different lines set up at all different lengths and will be offering lessons the entire weekend.  We will also be offering a "Slackasana" workshop. This class will show you several ways you can transform your yoga practice onto a slackline.

Singing For Your Soul: Healing Through and For Our Voices

Consecrate your voice as a vessel for healing, learn simple vocal techniques and breathing exercises to sound and feel better immediately, and enjoy the group singing of medicine songs that raise our vibration and that of our planet.

Essential Oils: Plant Medicine for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing

Essential Oils: Plant Medicine for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing - Essential oils heal on many levels; they are biologically complex, quite easily absorbed into our bodies, and very high frequency. Learn how to use essential oils on physical, emotional, and etheric levels to support your health and wellbeing.  

Kimberly Harrison is an accomplished singer, musician, and holistic vocal empowerment coach. She works with vibrational healing through sound, energy, and the plant medicine of essential oils. Kimberly’s Singing For Your Soul voice studio has won multiple awards as Best Voice Studio and Best Performing Arts Business in Santa Monica, CA, and she has offered her Signature Voice Training in collaboration with Yoga Journal.Kimberly passionately believes that singing is our birthright, and that for many reasons, reclaiming our voices is essential to our evolving consciousness and wellbeing as a species and planet.  

In addition to singing and sound healing, Kimberly’s holistic health journey has included essential oils, which she began using with clients once she discovered their extraordinary healing power. In addition to vocal empowerment and sound healing, Kimberly now also teaches classes on using essential oils to enhance our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Houses of the Soul

In this workshop we reflect on our karmic patterns. Drawing upon the ancient system of astrology, this multidimensional approach offers compelling insights and practical tools, revealing your soul’s intentions. Please provide birth information (date and time, if possible) in advance (248) 346-2014or the day of the workshop.

BIO: Valerie Weir has been practicing Kundalini yoga since 1973 and trained directly with Yogi Bhajan. She has also served as a teacher trainer for the Kundalini Yoga Institute. She has extensive experience in sound healing, having trained with gong master Don Conreaux and is a practicing evolutionary astrologer, having studied under astrologer Steven Forrest. Her classes and workshops synergize the planetary sound of the gong, astrology, and classical Kundalini yoga. Classes are for all people so come as you are.

Somatic Writing & Contemplative Dance Practice

In this workshop, we will create a laboratory of delight: move together and apart in improvisational play, awaken the senses through freewrites, witness the breath in meditation, tend to self and community. Join in this mini-retreat to cultivate creative self-care and inquiry. No experience necessary, all bodyminds welcome, disability culture friendly. Bring writing/art materials you desire (journal, pen, colored pencils, etc.) and whatever you need to be comfortable sitting (cushion, blanket). Dress in layers to support movement and stillness.

Stephanie Heit is a poet, dancer, and teacher of somatic writing, Contemplative Dance Practice, and Kundalini Yoga. She lives with bipolar disorder and is a member of the Olimpias, an international disability performance collective. The Color She Gave Gravity (The Operating System 2017) is her debut poetry collection. She lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan where she co-creates Turtle Disco, a community arts space, with her partner and collaborator, Petra Kuppers. Find more information at: https://stephanieheitpoetry.wordpress.com 



Everyone has a story to tell and a song to write. This hands-on workshop will explore and practice simple ways to embrace the songwriter that lives in all of us. We will focus on techniques that will help define what you want communicate to your listeners, study tools that add power and meaning to your songs, and work to find your own voice and expression through simple songwriting methods that will help you develop your storytelling skills. We will engage in several short writing exercises and the end goal will be to write a group song and perform it within the workshop time frame.

Detroit Music Award winning singer/songwriter Audra Kubat has released 6 albums to critical acclaim in a career that spans over 20 years. A composer, performer, educator, and Wayne State University alumni, Kubat’s work has earned her a place in the community as a resource for empowerment through songwriting and music. Her methods of composition articulate grace and uncover hidden places that defy easy categorization. Kubat has created programming for a number of educational projects, including songwriting workshops for DPS, storytelling circles for Square One Education Network, and performance and lyric workshops with Girls Rock Detroit. Currently she is teaching at Living Arts Detroit Wolf Trap, InsideOut Literary Arts Project, and the Detroit Institute for Music Education.

7Elements Chakra Balancing Meditation 

Connect and embody the elements of earth with 7Elements Mindful Meditation guide Ryan Richardson. As a Devils Lake local meditation guide and One Tribe Certified yoga instructor, Ryan carries a passion to bring mindful meditation to the masses. He is an elemental mender and nature guide who is featured on Clark Lake co-creating mediation classes with Sweetwater Yoga and One Tribe Yoga.
Reconnect to your heart, remember who you are, the time is now.

Morning meditation 

Join Darin for a morning meditation to start the day off right! This is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in meditation, whether you have ever meditated or not. Darin will walk through pranayama breathing exercises and a short meditation. Darin completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at One Tribe Yoga in Brooklyn MI and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with International Yoga Alliance. He has experience in Vinyasa Fusion flow that he learned at One Tribe Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Chair Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and more.

whole body care through self reflexology

There is nothing more powerful than the ability of our body to heal itself. While Reflexology is the study of areas in the feetwhich correlate to organs and tissues in the body, Self-reflexology is an amazing tool to use anywhere/anytime to achieve self-healing.

Anat Shlagman is a Traditional Naturopath specializing in Relaxation, utilizing a unique tailored session, combined of Reflexology, Castor oil pack, Abdominal massage and Energy work, designed to bring the autonomic nervous system to its parasympathetic state. Following her belief that each one of us can (and should) be active in our healing process, Anat designed a whole-body care workshop focusing on Self Reflexology. In this class, each participant will learn how to perform self-reflexology on his/her own feet, while Anat goes around,assessing specific issues with each individual’s feet.

Inviting you to a journey into your own body, embracing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to naturally achieve a deeper healing.

Carole A. Florence ND, LMT

Come explore the Traditional Naturopathic Healing Revolution and learn the history of naturopathy, how to treat your whole person using the healing power of nature, how to get to the root cause (not just treat the symptoms) and how to take responsibility for your health. This will be a hands-on session where we will explore how to begin healing ourselves, look at the markings of deficiencies in our fingernails, sample herbal teas, discuss nutrition and self-massage a few key acupressure points.

One of the most significant health trends in the United States is the increasing use of ND’s instead of MD’s. More and more people are ready to take control of their health, to use the healing powers of nature to restore balance and to get to the root cause of illness. As a Traditional Naturopath I am often asked questions such as “What is a Naturopathic doctor?” or “What kind of services do you offer?”. Naturopaths believe everyone is different - genetically, environmentally, biochemically and spiritually. Naturopaths do not believe the same solution will solve the same problem for everyone. As cases vary, the remedies should also vary. As a Naturopath, I spend time with clients explaining, illustrating, teaching and encouraging all clients to take responsibility for their health. Join in the revolution of natural medicine and learn some tools for healing yourself!

Carole A. Florence is a Traditional Naturopath (ND), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Reiki Master, Educator, ICPKP Kinesiologist and Certified Wellness Therapist with private practices in Plymouth and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Carole offers a variety of integrated health care services for individuals and families including nutritional assessments, health balances and epigenetics work. Her scope of practice is a mixture of Eastern and Western therapies including Traditional Naturopathy, Professional Kinesiology Practice, massage, medicinal herbs and some forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her treatment approach emphasizes personal empowerment, preventative care, and whole body wellness using natural therapies. Carole is on the faculty and curriculum advisor at the Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts and is working on opening her own Kinesiology school in the USA.


The ancient alchemists turned lead into Gold physically. This was done not for wealth but as a metaphor for turning spiritual lead into spiritual gold. Mental, emotional and physical paths, each studies in their own right, were synergistically woven together to induce phenomenal benefits. Among them were increased intelligence, awareness, vitality and divine connection. More mystical and rare benefits of devoted adepts were physical immortality and the time to refine one's consciousness to ascension and enlightenment. 

Superfoods, monoatomic gold, 72 element ormus and healing/coaching packages will be available for sample and purchase as we discuss the practical fusion of science and magic in a balanced, grounded and approachable context. Prepare for a natural high that never completely wears off; trip IN instead of out. Lucidity, clarity evolution, serenity and wholeness await.

Samson Love is an Alchemist, Mystic, and Kundalini yoga instructor. His teaching is supported by dozens of modalities and a direct connection with spirit.  He teaches divine context through the trifold connection with the true self. Yogi Bajhan is quoted saying, "If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all!"  To witness grace and divinity within, between and all around us constitutes this all. Samson's teaching is a celebration...  a reminder of our connection to and belief in the divine harmony of all that is.

complimentary Healing tent: Meet the Massage Therapists 

Meet Sheri Lynn Rioux (A.K.A.- Sheri Bo Berry ). She has been practicing massage therapy and energy healing for over 9 years. She attended Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI and graduated in February, 2008. She uses many different modalities including : therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, auricular massage, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, Reiki and energy balancin to customize to your specific needs. It is her goal to help you to connect with your body's own ability to heal and to help you to have a better well-being.




Cari Clift is a licensed massage therapist residing in Adrian and working at Way of Life in Tecumseh. She graduated from Adrian School of Massage early this year and has completely fallen in love with massage as a career. She specializes in myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy and thoroughly enjoys massage for the relief of anxiety and depression. Her true passion in life is animal rights and advocacy and she shares her home with 3 rescue cats.


Aubrey Musolf, LMT, CST, RYT, attended the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy from September of 2013 to August of 2014 where she graduated with certifications in Myofascial Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy. Altogether, she logged 800 hours of in-classroom time studying multiple different massage modalities and logged 160 hours of work in the student clinic. She has been a licensed massage therapist by the State of Michigan since November of 2014. Aubrey attended her first CranioSacral seminar and workshop in March 2017, where she earned her level one practitioner title from the Upledger International Institute of CranioSacral Therapy. She will be attending and receiving her level two In October 2017.