Divine Pine Gathering

JUNE 14-16 2019 ~ Irish Hills, MI


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Dance Meditation Technique

Michael, one of the nation’s top sacred dance innovators and experts, created DMT and began sharing it 7 years ago. DMT is the most well attended traveling movement meditation workshop in the midwest with the number of participants hovering at 8,000. What started as an idea birthed out of studying under many teachers, observing dance floors across Detroit, and a knack for creative problem solving, has now become a well-known, weekly workshop where students are benefiting in a tangible way.



Handpan and Flow Yoga with Kate and Parker

Kate and Parker team up to bring you dreamy handpan sounds and a flowing yoga class. Moving medication accompanied by idyllic handpan sounds. The beautiful sounds of the handspan take you on a journey as you breath and move on your mat. Accessible for all levels.


Connect with your infinite spirit, align your energy centers and cultivate a meditative mind. Using the ancient practice of kundalini yoga. No prior experience necessary, this will be a class for beginners and advanced students alike.

Teg Sanjeet(Evan) and Teg Sanpreet(Jacqueline) are both Michigan natives who have spent the last two years plus as a couple learning and practicing kundalini yoga, their preferred form of yoga.  Finding invaluable tools for life, love, relationships and peace of mind.

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Grow Your Inner Child and Wandering Yogis with Beth Flumignan

Grow Your Inner Child: Dive into your spirit and reconnect with the carefree joy, curiosity, and essence of childhood. We'll tune into all of our senses. Abandon the structure and responsibility of adulting and remember the tiny being, who still resides within us through song, dance, laughter, story, and playful yoga.

Wandering Yogis: A wander yoga class for ages 5+ without an adult, 2+ with an adult. We'll take to the trails and off to integrate with nature; shaping our bodies and breath to blend into our surroundings. We'll sing with the birds, creep like coyotes, and sway with the breeze in the trees. As we explore we'll collect items, that we connect with, to make fairy crowns and wands when we return.

Heart Flow Brittnai Murillo

An intimate journey back into the heart center. We will travel into the heart by means of asana, movement medicine and presence - allowing that which no longer serves to be gently witnessed and released as we settle back into the home of the heart with a newfound connection and spaciousness.


I Want More: The Yoga of Desire, Pleasure, and Agency Melanie Williams

How does your current relationship with your body affect your experience of pleasure? When do you feel like you "have permission" to feel good? What do you find yourself wanting more of--at home, at work, in bed, at the dinner table? Do you actually know what you want? 

Many of us, particularly those of us in marginalized bodies, have experienced the demonization of our desires. It's hard to avoid internalizing these messages, but doing so often limits our sense of choice. How can we free up more options, including those options we'd ultimately find most pleasurable? What tools does yoga have to offer us in our quest for agency?

This workshop provides a forum to explore desire in a community setting, incorporating group discussion, creative expression through artful storytelling, and ample opportunities to connect to your body and desires through adaptive movement practices that are suitable for all bodies and abilities. No prior yoga experience is required.

Melanie Williams is an East-Coast-based, fat, queer, non-binary yoga teacher and self-love advocate, called to create profoundly accessible spaces for self-inquiry and the inward journey by integrating mindfulness and adaptive movement practices with the spirit of social justice. They believe that the goal of yoga, as of life, is collective liberation and in turn challenge contemporary yogis to dismantle the systems and beliefs that hold us all back. In addition to teaching group and private yoga classes, Melanie offers workshops that explore queer identity and body image, leads adaptive yoga teacher trainings, helps coordinate trainings internationally for Accessible Yoga, champions diversity and inclusion in the yoga industry as a member of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition leadership team, and serves leading industry groups as an expert advisor on diversity and accessibility. They’ve been called a “tour-de-force of encouraging radical self-love” (DC Refined) and listed among the “top thinkers and activists in the field of body positivity.” (OmStars Blog)


Intro to Co-Creative Partner Dancing Jacobi Williams

In Intro to Co-Creative Students will learn the basics of connection using light and controlled weight sharing. Students are given exercises to take home and practice in order to build a stronger connection to a partner, the music, and themselves. Co-Creative is a lifestyle of mental, physical and emotional health; along with teaching dance we want to help and encourage students to find their way through life and end up ultimately fulfilled.

Jacobi Williams, starting his dance career in 2014, and has totally immersed himself into his craft taking and trading classes and skills with dancers all over the world. Along with hosting annual Co-Creative: Weekend Events, Jacobi owns and operates Co-Creative Partner Dancing and teaches Co-Creative, Partner aerials, and solo and partner Improv classes.

Yoga and Breathwork Suzy Adra

We will begin with a short vinyasa flow to get the energy moving in our body, and end class with 30 minutes of shamanic journeying using breath work.

Suzy is an artist, certified yoga instructor, certified energy healing practitioner, and certified trauma release practitioner. She currently facilitates yoga, trauma release, breathwork and creativity workshops.  Suzy holds a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her dissertation is entitled: The States of Presence and Insight in the Painting Process. She is the founder and owner of Bīja Healing Sanctuary.



This workshop will focus on the current Saturn/Pluto influence through 20 mins of Yoga 50 min of Gongs 15 meditation followed by meaningful conversation on the natal placement of Saturn/Pluto in your birth chart.

Valerie Weir has practiced Kundalini yoga since 1973 and has taught since 1996.She trained directly with Yogi Bhajan and is an Evolutionary Astrologer having trained with Steven Forrest. Her classes are inspirational and celebrate the human spirit.


Through movement and awareness we can unlock our human potential, reform our self-image, and access unlimited opportunities.  In this process of learning to learn through our own feedback instead of the limitations placed on us during childhood and through societal pressure to maintain the status quo, we will gain deep insight on how to become more uniquely ourselves.  We are greater and more capable than we know and it's time to own that.  In this embodied movement practice we will bridge the connection of the mind, body, and environment to become the creators of our destiny instead of victims of our fate, effortlessly.  Stop trying to improve yourself, and begin to remember who you really are.

Kevin Hood is a wilderness skills enthusiast, entrepreneur, natural movement trainer, and self-remembering guide.  He is the creator of Anim Movement, the culmination of  trans-formative processes he's generated to move gracefully through chronic illness, whirlwind transitions, and limiting beliefs; into the creative, limitless, and unknown.  He believes our bodies mirror the living matrix of nature and allow us to tap into the natural flow of energy to live a life of ease, joy, and compassion.

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True presence with the earth can bring us into a profound state of connection in a very similar way to an asana practice. In this class, we will bring the presence of plants onto the mat as we invite the energy, smells, and physicality of plants to support us in surrendering to the “oneness of yoga”. Plants will be incorporated into pranayama, asana flow, and a seated kryia meditation. Come prepared to feel the warmth, grounding, and nurturing of the earth as we explore how plants can heighten--and deepen--our yogic practices.


Smoke n’ flow Rachel Riker

Marijuana can aid in meditation, it can also help your body to relax into a posture. This class starts with a talk about some of the benefits of the marijuana plant and how it can aid in yoga and meditation. We will discuss some of the history of marijuana and ways that it has been used in ceremony by many cultures. we will discuss the different strains of marijuana and how to know what strain would be right for you. we will talk about listening to your body and not overindulging, using the plant responsibly and sustainably.  we will then consume a small amount of a hybrid strain of marijuana and sink into a slow meditative yoga flow.

Rachel Riker is an RYT 200 and has been teaching yoga for 3 years. She has a background in nursing and found yoga after an injury. Yoga has brought Rachel many things including peace of mind and pain relief. She loves sharing what she has learned with others.

Living in Rhythmic Flow Hannah Jurcich

Class will flow through meditation, conversation, and movement. We have many tools available to us: food, medicine, movement, ritual, ceremony, why not let the energy around us guide our decisions? Through conscious choice in our daily lives we can sync more deeply into the rhythm that surrounds. This knowledge is wired within all of our cells and is being called to wake from generations of slumber. Join the conversation, the movement, the breath of the memory and come home to where it all began. Find the natural rhythm rooted deep in the DNA.

Hannah is a student midwife, herbalist and yoga instructor. She brings a heart song for the cycles of life and all things in motion. She believes in the wild feminine that is within all of us. The seasons, the water, the moon and the menstrual cycle all have wisdom that is ours for the taking. She has come to pass the message along and revisit the remembering.

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Mindful Yoga Therapy - Trauma Sensitive & Resiliency Building Yoga

Emily ~Updesh Kaur~ Emersen-Rich

Mindful Yoga Therapy is an empirically informed, clinically tested program comprised of five practices: Pranayama (breathwork), Asana (basic postures connected with breath), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation),Guided Meditation and Gratitude. Each practice is a tool that can be used to cope with Post Traumatic Stress or other health/mental health issues, survivors of cancer or sexual assault/trauma and together, they form a comprehensive system -a toolbox- that will carry students into a life of strength and resilience. This class is also applicable for Teachers, First Responders, military, Veterans, family members, friends and circle of support people,so  basically everyone on the Planet right now!

For almost 30 years, I have been on a search for personal wellness and knowledge.  My path has taken me from dual-enrollment with early graduation from high school and Cosmetology to having served in the U.S. ARMY as Quartermaster, progressed to civilian corporate accounting and tax preparation, meandered through the hospitality field (working with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Coyotes, Lansing Lugnuts and multiple hotels and spas), wandered from energy healing to esoteric teachings, delved into science as a Physical Therapy Technician (Arizona) and Licensed Massage Therapist, tip-toed through the fields of aromatherapy, herbalism and working with healing crystals, worked deeply with my Shadow healing childhood trauma while working with the children placed with Child & Family Services, became fluid and expanded in religious beliefs, solidified with an Associates Degree in Business and crystallized after Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with specialized trainings in yoga for PTSD, First Responders, Veterans, and addiction recovery.  Last year I added Yin Yoga to my gifts and just returned from the Art of Feminine Presence Teacher Training in Denver bringing everything together.  My formal education in physical therapy and kinesiology combines with my yogic training, military experience and my passion to empower women to realizing their ultimate potential providing me multiple avenues to facilitate your health and wellness goals.


Sivananda Yoga Colleen Donahoe

Sivananda yoga is a traditional form of hatha yoga with equal emphasis on breathing, relaxation, exercise, positive thinking and meditation. It is slow moving and peaceful to create safe space for internal connection and emotional processing. We begin the class with deep guided relaxation and before easing into a seated position for the opening Sanskrit mantra - Dhyana Slokas. Colleen will instruct you in pranayama, yogic breathing exercises, to cleanse the blood and help balance the subtle energy and then guide the flow through a physical warm up and important yoga poses. Class ends as it began with guided full body relaxation and a closing song - Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. Please bring a mat and a blanket.

Raised with easy access to Indiana forests and fields, Colleen developed a deep and abiding love for the natural world at a young age and embraced the capacity for self healing embodied in the surrounding ecosystem. She studied wildlife and horticulture and shared her excitement and fascination through environmental education. However, a fun life is not always a happy life. For an empathic environmentalist, the current dysfunctional relationship human civilization has with mother earth and our cohabitants is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. Colleen came to yoga as a way to cope with the depression and anxiety that results from witnessing abuse and dysfunction from a young age, in her family, in society, and in the landscape. The study and practice of Sivananda yoga has helped her understand the source of this emotional instability and gain a sense of clarity to guide her thoughts and actions . In addition to the 200 hour teacher training and 300 hour advanced teacher training, she has studied Accessible Yoga and yoga for recovery. She is a full time mother to 5 year old Hartford, Garden Educator with Big Green, and co-founder of Wild Persimmon School of Wellness with her herbalist husband Greg Monzel.